Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand strategy is the process of determining what makes your brand so relevant and special that customers feel compelled to buy it versus other alternatives. A strong brand stands apart from the competition, makes a unique promise and is authentic and believable. And importantly, a strong brand makes Deep Connections with customers at the sub-conscious level. These deep emotional connections drive intense loyalty and make it very hard for any other product to replace the brand.

Brand Strategy Positioning

The brand positioning statement is a focused definition of what makes the brand relevant, unique and valuable. The most successful brands uncover unique insights about consumer’s beliefs, hopes, fears and aspirations and position the brand so that it occupies a special place in the mind of the prospect. Once a brand is positioned in the mind it is very difficult to change the perception.

Consider trying to switch a Starbucks connoisseur to Dunkin Donuts coffee, an iPhone devotee to a Samsung Galaxy, a Ford trucker to a Chevy, or a basketball player from a Nike to Adidas shoe. The competitive products may have similar or arguably even superior features, but no rational argument can break apart the bond of a strong brand. For other brands to make inroads, they will need to uncover new insights and develop a unique positioning that has a strong emotional appeal with the target customer. This requires working hard on the brand strategy.

Examples of Positioning Statements

Here are some examples of positioning statements and taglines.

Volvo – Safety
  • Positioning Statement: For upscale American families, Volvo is the family automobile that offers maximum safety.
  • Tagline: Volvo for Life.
positioning statement
BMW – Exciting to Drive
  • Positioning Statement: for drivers who value high performance cars, BMW’s German-engineered cars provide an outstanding driving experience.
  • Tagline: The Ultimate Driving Machine.
 positioning statement
Target – Great Style and Value
  • Positioning Statement: for shoppers looking for great value, Target provides great style and quality at reasonable prices.
  • Tagline: Expect More. Pay Less.
 positioning statement
Nordstrom – Best Customer Service
  • Positioning Statement: for upscale fashion shoppers who value being treated special, Nordstrom’s provides the highest possible customer service.
  • Tagline: Let’s get personal.
 positioning statement

How Are You Positioned Versus Your Competition?

Do customers know your promise?

Are you unique? Compelling? Authentic?

Have you gone through a thoughtful, disciplined process to create a powerful positioning statement?

Ask us about our proprietary brand positioning process and we can take your brand through it to strengthen your brand promise.