Branding Case Study

Branding Case Study for Arc3 Gases


How to create a new brand identity for an established industrial gas supply company and successfully migrate the customer base without impacting loyalty or revenues.


Two very successful industrial gas supply companies, Arcet and Machine & Welding Supply Company, merged to form Arc3 Gases. They needed a new brand identity and a brand migration plan that protected their business and comforted their customers.

Branding Plan:

We used our 5-Step Intuitive Branding Process (1. Discovery, 2. Strategy, 3. Ideation, 4. Identity, 5. Rollout) to build a compelling new brand identity and roll it out across all the consumer touchpoints.

intuitive branding cycle

1. Brand Discovery & Insights

Start the process with: Interviews, Brand Research, Brand Drivers, Competitive Landscape, Consumer Behavior, Emotional Triggers, and Key Insights.

brand research
2. Brand Strategy Development
Strategy Defenition

Dig deep into the Core Values, Unique Selling Proposition, Proof Points, Brand Personality and a Brand Story and define the “Brand Essence“.

brand strategy
Brand Story & Key Messaging

Turn the strategy into real language by crafting the “Brand Story” and developing the key messages that reinforce the brand’s promise and positioning. This will guide all brand communications. The website, advertising, emails, content marketing, sales presentations, marketing collateral, PR, white papers and everything else should be consistent with the spirit of the brand story and key messaging.

brand promise brand story

4. Ideation & Concept Development

Use the Brand Essence, Brand Story and Personality to create the visual identity. The process flows along a path of a Creative Brief, Ideation, Brand Metaphors, Concepting, Visual Expression and Concept Refinement of candidates for the brand identity.

branding concept

branding concept

branding concept

brand metaphor


4. Brand Identity Creation

Begin selection process with: Lead Candidate Selection, Refinement, Finalization, Visual and Verbal Language, Brand Guidelines.

Top 6 Finalistsbrand logo concepts
Top 2 Finalistsbrand logo concepts
Color Exploratory for Winner
brand logo concepts


Final Brand Mark brand logo and brand identity



5. Brand Rollout

Next is: Brand Asset Identification, Creation of Branded Applications Across Touchpoints, Brand Migration Plan and Brand Communication Plan.

Business Cards

branded business cards

Branded Post Card Mailer

branded Direct Mail Piece

Branded Pocket Folder

branded folder

Building Signage

Brand signage

Truck Signage

branded truck signage

Print Ad

Print Ad