Our Creative Process

Our Creative Development Process

What makes Blue Hat Branding unique is our deep understanding of how people relate to brands and our process for creating authentic brand identities that build deep loyalty and strong positive associations with the brand’s core values. We work in full collaboration with our clients by engaging them at the right points. This ensures we gain knowledge and insights from the people who are closest to the brands and customers.

creative development process

After developing the brand strategy and uncovering insights about the customer, we begin the creative development process:

  • Competitive Audit – we conduct a visual and verbal study of key competitive brands in the category. This helps identify what other players are doing, how they are communicating and what opportunities our brand has to break through.
  • Raw Visual Exploratory images quickly connect with the intuitive mind and evoke emotions, thoughts and feelings. We explore raw images and look to understand how different imagery and visual treatments can express feelings associated with the brand.
  • Concept Ideation – we look for metaphors that represent key elements of the brand essence and explore if they are strong enought to evolve into a visual representation for the brand. We add imagery, shapes, colors, forms and words and work them into concepts that express elements of the brand essence.
  • Visual Concept Development – the next step is to take the concept ideas and metaphors and begin developing them into unique and engaging visual representations of the brand. These concepts connect the brand at two levels; the conscious level and more importantly, the intuitive and sub-conscious level. We generate a wide range of concepts across the spectrum from more conservative and predictable all the way to edgy and unexpected.
  • Concept Refinement – we refine and develop the concepts to ensure they work well at communicating the desired feelings and that the elements work together in a fluid manner. Through this refinement process we look at the impact of colors, forms, shapes, fonts, and space and how these impact the design.
  • Concept Creation – when a concept evolves to the point where the elements work well together and it expresses the desired elements it is ready to be presented.
  • Concept Presentation – we review an entire portfolio of creative concepts with the client, showing a breadth of work that touches on many different and important aspects of the brand. This enables the client to see many new possibilities and develop their understanding of the best direction for the creative work.

The Importance of Collaboration

We collaborate with our clients, capture input and feedback. We deepen our understanding of the brand  through this engagement, find new creative pathways and make refinements to the designs.

There is not doubt that the best creative output results from a strong, interactive and open relationship between our team and the client team. It is this “give and take” and continual learning that helps identify what works, what doesn’t and what improvements can be made to move the work from “Good to Great”.