Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Our guiding principles ensure our designs are:

1. Authentic – Creativity Follows Purpose

Listen to the client; understand the goal. Great design accomplishes specific objectives. The design should flow naturally and honestly from the nature of the brand, product, service or task at hand.

2. Minimal  – Focus Increases Communication

Stay focused on what is most important. Reduce and eliminate elements that are not essential to achieving the goal. Clear, simple design places more emphasis on the big idea.

3. Intuitive – Make Deep Emotional Connections

Imagery makes immediate intuitive connections with the audience. Take them to a place that helps them connect with the spirit and content of the message.

4. Engaging – Captivate the Audience

Forms, colors, and a compelling message activate the neurons in the mind and leave a lasting, favorable impression.

5. Passionate – When You Love It, It Shows

Take pride in building strong brands and creating outstanding design. Pay keen attention to detail because everything counts. Pour your heart and soul in everything you design because the truth is — people DO judge a book by its cover. If your design is second rate, they think your product is second rate. And when your design inspires, it leads the mind into having the best perception of the product.

6. Ownership – Win Together as a Team

The best creative comes when client and agency work together as part of a shared experience. A brand endures when the company has pride of ownership and a strong sense of brand stewardship. This is why we think of design as a journey that we embark on with our client.